The Fashion Trade is probably the Industry that has undertaken the greatest change over the last twenty years. If several cities have tried to steal from Paris its title as capital of the Fashion World without success it is still and always will be in Paris where the greatest number of Designers become known. Originally made up of a "mosaic" of middle and small sized firms the Fashion Trade today with the arrival of the big financial groups and the International market demand is today an Industry in its own right with its rules and regulations and its own language. A specialised teaching programme with an International background both for the Designer and for the Management side was necessary to allow future generations to prepare professionnally for the many exciting careers in Fashion World. And so was born the concept Mod'Art.

Internship facilities for the students are from the most prestigious companies in Paris fashion and recognised worldwide. Our students have worked with Agnès B., Balenciaga, Corinne Cobson, Chloé, Céline, Gucci, Lanvin, Marithé & François Girbaud, Bill Tornade, Stella Cadente, Gaspard Yurkievich, l'Appart, Jacadi, Jean-Paul Knott, Promo Styl, Prada, Vivienne Westwood, Manfield, Vogue Italie in the paris branch.

Mod 'Art India
MOD’ART INDIA is the sister of MOD’ART which is one of the most exclusive Parisian fashion schools. The company decided to build an extension in India because this country become the fastest growing economy in the world and emerges as a prominent protagonist in the field of fashion. Several fashion brands, for instance, are now setting their own operation in India. MOD’ART with its school in Mumbai wants to occupy the centre of this movement. Our purpose is to use the French knowledge in the fashion area in India to fuel the growth of indigenous design. The educational techniques from MOD’ART Paris will allow our Indian students to become very skilled and creative designers. Finally, welcome to MOD’ART. We hope that you will find the possibilities of the fusion between France’s fashion tradition and India’s dynamic climate as exciting as we do.

Each year not only in Paris but also in Shanghai and in Lima, future generations are prepared professionally for the Fashion World. The newest branch launching in Mumbai INDIA in December.

PARIS Affiliations
Patrice de Place President of the artistic and education concept committee Former Vice-President Christian Dior for Asia Pacific, Former Executive Vice-President of Céline (LVMH group), Former President of Céline USA

Mentors associated with the students during their course in Paris.

Jacques Bahbout - Chairman of the Tivoli Group
Agnès Barret - Artistic Director Martin Margiela Claire Cohen -
Director of the Sonia Rykiel Boutique Network
Ulrik Garde Due
- International Director Burberry Philippe Le Moult -
Director of Institutional Relations Christian Dior Caroline Pavaux -
Co-partner of Peopletopeople, Fashion recruitment agency
Pascal Perrier - Vice President Gucci Group
Denis Terrien - President Sanford Europe
Véronique Thouvenin -
Public relations manager of SAFI (International & French decoration exhibitions)
Dominique de la Tournelle - President Oxbow
Dominique Vernet -
General Manager Vernet Creation, Textile Design
Sophie Villepigue -
President Design Sophie Villepigue

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