Faculty & Facilities
A team made up of teachers straight from the fashion world:
All teachers have a great experience and they come from the major fashion companies. A lot of seminars will be given by professionals from the industry. All subjects are focused on the ways fashion evolves and no one can explain this better than people who are growing with the industry. Most of the course is taught by visiting faculty that through their experience teach students the practicality of fashion.
Merchandisers | Brand heads for companies | Photographers
Fashion stylists | Film designers | Exporters
History & Culture
Mumbai is a wonderful city to take in the culture of India with its host of fascinating museums and temples. Traditional entertainments such as the classical music and dances continue to flourish and provide a great alternative to western options. Additionally, Mumbai is the hub of India’s nascent arts scene with a variety of independent fashion designers opening their own studios and a coterie of young artists displaying their works at the extensive gallery space. In Mumbai, Indian traditions coexist with symbols of India’s growing integration with the arts and culture of the west. The students are given field trip based assignments and visits to exhibitions of art, textiles, garments and museums are part of the curriculum.

Field trips :
- Tailoring workshops
- Production units
- Printing and dying unit
- Embroideries and embellishment units

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