Courses available :
Design and Pattern Making & Fashion Management

A training that develops teamwork and a critical sense:

As the fashion industry is perpetually changing students need to be able to adapt and stay up to date. They are only links in a chain that make up the trade. The designer’s work is not an end in itself but part of a team project.

Fashion creation Fashion design/Pattern making/Accessories Progamme A program divided in 3 years : 4th year in Paris for a Bachelors certificate from the Perpignon University France. Courses are supplemented with practical experience including visits to design studios, hands-on projects and internships.

The 1st year

The 2nd year









Fashion history






Textile design



Textile material



Fashion marketing



Draping and pattern






Total yearly hours



As shown on the above chart, student time is strongly invested in building the students’ design sensibility, draping and pattern making skill and French language proficiency.

In sight in to Indian fashions

Indian fashion varies from one village to another village, from one city to another city. Indian’s fashion is rich in tradition, vibrant in colours and prepossessing. Thus MOD’ART thinks that it could be very interesting to form students who have this strong Indian fashion culture with the French techniques and knowledge in the fashion area. According to our company it could open new ways for the international fashion.

1st year : the basic needs of the profession

Modules are :
• Fashion design : Textile training, Awakening of color sensibility, designing of a mini collection…
• Pattern making : Learning the techniques of flat cutting and draping on a model, Assembling techniques, Creating and making up clothes….

2nd year : Immersion in the professional world

Modules :
• Fashion design: Women’s and men’s Fashion, Lingerie, Knitwear, Accessories, Children’s wear, Sportswear, Style study, Making up a collection.
• Pattern making: Pattern making workshop, Researching and creating volume, making patterns, Necessary materials, Collection components.
• Illustration and art – study of figures stylised and live drawing. Rendering in mixed media. Rendering of clothing in textures and collection presentation.

3rd year : Create your own collection
The students complete their training with the C.A.O (Computer Aid Design)

Modules are :
• Fashion design : Luxury module, Designer module, Ready to wear module, Communication, Personal collection
• Pattern making : from fabric to prototype, module production, making up one’s own collection

Validations : permanent monitoring, semestrial tests, final exam set at the end of each year, a Certificate of graduation
The length of the internships will increase each year

4th year : Bachelor(Hons) Fashion Management and Textile

Spend a year in Paris, the world’s fashion capital

Paris remains unrivalled as the world’s capital of fashion. It is the city of lights and glamour, renowned for its creative energy. Many of fashion’s biggest names, Christian Dior, Coco Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, Balenciaga or Kenzo have called Paris home. MOD’ART recognises India and particularly Mumbai as one of the future major players of international fashion by opening a school there. Thanks to the Paris’ main campus, Mumbai’s students can decide to study abroad, in France, for their final year of enrolment.


Fashion management
French university diploma course

2 choices :
1 year programme of 8 months of intensive studies followed by a work placement or the possibility to follow up in a 2nd year for a French University Master qualification

Strong points of this programme : Mobility • Professional experience • French university Diploma

A program divided in 2 years :

1st year programme divided in a Fashion programme and a Professional experience :
• The specificity of the European Capitals of Fashion (seminars, visits to firms and conferences with specialists : 1 week per month)
• Fashion programme : the fashion, Luxury products and Accessories Module programme, languages (English, French), Management and Law, Marketing and Merchandising and Visual merchandising
• Professional experience : 2 work placements)

2nd year :
Programme to follow up to the Master qualification

Validations : For the 1st year : French university diploma level 2 (equivalent of a 1st year of the new European Master programmes (Baccalaureate + 4 years). After the énd year : French university Master

Profiles of the students : Bachelors


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